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Monsters Beware Part 2: (Hard Candy Review Spoilers)

(No joke here, just Spoilers)

OK guys, this your one and only SPOILER WARNING. If you haven't you seen this movie, please go and watch it before you read this. Let's get this party started.

Seriously, SPOILERS
Final warning, SPOILERS
OK, now this is the final final Spoiler warning. 

The Pedophile vs. The Psychopath

(The smallest monster movie, yet most destructive) 

The picture above pretty much describes the movie, it's the pedophile facing off against a psychopath. The movie starts out really creepy, it's Patrick Wilson as the Pedophile talking to Ellen Page as the "victim," in an online messaging board. This scene is like an after school special telling kids not what to do. The way the movie plays out, especially when they meet up at the restaurant, is just very hard to watch. During these scenes, Hayley Stark (Ellen Page) seems off from the very beginning. The way she goes out of her way to make sure she goes home with Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson), she more like a predator hunting its prey.

(Wolves come in all sizes)

When they get back to Jeff's apartment, you finally see the true face of Haley. She is truly a psychopath (If you were to tell me she is from Gotham city it would make perfect sense to me). This movie goes straight from being a cat hunting a mouse movie to the mouse has found a gun and now the cat is screwed. The way Haley tortures Jeff, not just physically, but mentally is extremely, wonderfully disturbing. On one hand, you have this sweet, innocent looking girl torturing, at times seems innocent, guy, but when you learn what he has done, you no longer feel bad, in fact, for me at least, you start to cheer on Haley. The movie attempts to make you think who the monster really, but I assume most people will think the pedophile is getting what he deserves. Then there is the castration scene (yep you heard right, even just the name makes everyone feel it right in the you know where). This is the most intense part of the movie, and this is where Patrick Wilson and especially, Ellen Page truly shine (they shine throughout the entire movie, at times you may need sunglasses). The way Ellen Page's character casually talks about what she is doing while Patrick Wilson's character is screaming for his life is what makes the scene. Then we find out the castration is faked and this girl is beyond a psychopath (again, if you were to tell me Haley is the daughter of the Joker, I would not be surprised). What completes Haley though, is the mistakes she makes which shows that she is still a kid. 

The End

(This movie is f-ed up in a good way)


Setting the situation up to cause Jeff to kill himself and also revealing she already did this to his partner, once again illustrates that she is a master class manipulator. There is a reason she is wearing a red hoodie. Like I have said before, I think this is Ellen Page's best role, and her character, Haley Stark, is probably one of my favorite characters ever, up there with Batman and the Joker. This movie is out on DVD, Blu-ray, and I'm guessing, on streaming services (I mean the movie did come out in 2005). This movie gets 5 super late (by 11 years) hypetrains out of 5.


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